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Precisenav is a comprehensive pipelay, survey and navigation software. It is perfectly suited for applications including vessel navigation, cable and pipeline installation and support, ROV surveys, subsea operations and hydrographic, oceanographic, geophysical and seismic surveying.

The software has powerful and versatile data manipulation tools and integrates with multiple positioning and survey instruments.

With its clean and well-organized interface, Precisenav gives users easy access to the tools they need to do their jobs, guaranteeing safe and accurate operations.

Precisenav displays vessels, transponders and other objects on single or multiple vector maps or raster images. Since it is compatible with Petrobras SGO native format, DGN, operators can use the large original files, without facing degrading conversions and limited cut areas.

Setting up projection and datum configurations is as easy as choosing from a drop-down list of the principal datum used worldwide and in Brazil, such as Aratu and SIRGAS 2000, from Petrobras.

For pipelay, Precisenav interfaces with the vessel DP system as well as the tensioners, winches, and other equipment to give the operator a clear picture of the pipeline to better guide the work.

We offer adaptations and customizations to the product. Multiple and individual licenses and rental options are also available.

Precisenav features & benefits

  • Display vessel and transponders on maps in raster or vector formats (DGN, SHP, TIFF, BSB/KAP and GeoTIFF)
  • Real-time catenary calculation
  • Geodetic calculator
  • Drop down lists let operators select from the principal datum used worldwide, including the Aratuu system and the new SIRGAS 2000, used by Petrobras
  • Create targets
  • Define paths and waypoints
  • Monitor distances between targets, vessel and transponders
  • Calculate and record average coordinate (Fix Position)
  • Maintain a record of survey files based on ship and transponder coordinates
  • Assign datum and geodesy
  • Establish Watch-Circle Alarms
  • Work in Simulation Mode (Training)
  • Compatible with Petrobras SGO native format
  • Available in English or Portuguese
  • Product adaptations available
  • Complete Help and Tutorials

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